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Thank you for visiting Writing Problems Explained.

Welcome to Writing Problems Explained. The site’s founder and lead writer, Daniel Gasteiger, has published more than 300 magazine articles in Lotus Magazine, PC World, PC Computing, Byte, and other consumer magazines. He worked as a department editor during the startup and the first four years of publication of Lotus Magazine. There, he wrote and edited as many as four articles a month for the magazine’s macros section.

Daniel also contributed regularly to Lotus Development Corporation’s marketing communications publications, The Lotus Prompt Quarterly, and The Lotus Retail News.

After leaving Lotus, Daniel became a contributing editor for PC Computing, and he wrote features and reviews for several other technology-focused magazines. He was the founding editor of The 1-2-3 For Windows Report, a subscriber-supported newsletter published by Lotus Publishing Corporation. With a partner, Daniel created, wrote, edited, and produced The Spreadsheet Consultant, another user-supported newsletter that taught sophisticated programming concepts to electronic spreadsheet developers.

Daniel wrote end-user documentation for several software products including Baler Express–an electronic spreadsheet compiler, and Pisces–a proprietary estimating package for which Daniel served as the architect and lead developer through five major releases under contract to IBM.

Daniel has authored or co-authored five books for commercial distribution, and has written several others that his clients used as promotional items. He has written technical white papers for Lotus Development Corporation, Borland International, and Computer Support Services Inc.

Daniel has extensive experience with nearly every type of business writing. He as written advertising copy, developed marketing materials, and designed product packaging. He has also produced project proposals, software design specifications, business process analyses, market analyses, and business plans.

Daniel has spoken at user groups and conferences throughout the United States, and he once put in a guest appearance on Public Television’s Computer Chronicles. (He writes his own speeches.)

Daniel welcomes comments, questions, and suggestions. Please let him know whether Writing Problems Explained is useful to you, and what he might do to improve the site.

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